Providing Stress-REleaf for small businesses.

From bookkeeping to payroll, even tax filings! REleaf

is your one-stop, financial shop your business

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The Benefits

REal Solutions

Services built for small businesses by a small business to provide accurate and empathetic solutions to your needs.

REclaim Your Time

We handle the business' books while you focus on what matters most - your business.

REputable Numbers

We provide accurate books and up-to-date financial documents for your business.

So why REleaf?

REfreshing RElief

RElief is truly our driving force - creating services and answers as unique as each business we work with; no two are the same.

REceptive & Friendly

With upbeat and constant customer support, we believe people are stressed out enough over their books to worry about their bookkeeper adding more to it.

REsponsible & Trustworthy

We work hard to be transparent and honest when it comes to your business finances.

REcognition & Empathy

We help you make those difficult choices by providing a clear picture of your business' finances. The next steps may seem scary but, rest assure, we're here to help.

What clients are saying...

I'm actually a very by the book person - I want to be sure all my accounts are in order and there is a full understanding of all cash flow is the coolest thing ever to know it's being handled and I can rest assured things are organized behind the scenes. This frees up lots of space for me to work on the creative flow of my business and for that I am so grateful! One of my favorite things about working with Rebecca is she is joyful - when you can add joy to the conversation and management of your finances there is nothing better!
Piper Hogan
Global Soul Yoga, WA
Releaf was truly a relief! Rebecca not only is the nicest, most positive person to communicate with, but I feel that she genuinely cares about helping me. She has bent over backwards to clean up my books and taking over payroll has freed up so much of my time. I can finally see how my business is going and make the changes I need to succeed. I feel that I owe the longevity of my business to her and her hard work and attention to detail. I am truly grateful.
Heidi Hawkinson
Sunn Health Bar, WA
I wasn't 100% confident that I was using QuickBooks correctly and was at a point that I just didn't have time to figure it out myself anymore. It took me FOREVER to find someone because handing over your financial information to someone can be scary- but, Becca made me feel confident and comfortable. I appreciate how quickly she responds to all of my questions (and there have been LOTS). It feels like she truly cares about my business, and she makes sure things are done properly to continue our success.
Madeline Hornung
MadSavvy VA, WA

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A Message from the Owner

“I understand the complexities of running a small business. Not just because my clients are small businesses – but because I am one too.

I have worked with many clients who have been so laser-focused on growing and building their business – that they neglect their books. From the creative client who wants to sell her artwork on Etsy to the restaurant owner with customers lined out the door – clients often trump bookkeeping.

But when the time comes to managing the books – it’s often the same story. Panic ensues. Anxiety over financial statements or stress over tax preparation rushes in quickly and often lingers. Focus transitions from the joys of building a business to the burden of figuring out finances and balancing the books. 

I started REleaf to remove that panic and banish the anxiety. With my services, I create business clarity. I bring in the REleaf. I am that extra set of hands to lift up my clients and provide financial assistance so they can focus on what they do best – growing and running their business.”

Rebecca “Becca” Martin

Owner – REleaf

REkindle your passion. REclaim your time. REspect your finances.